Monday, September 12, 2016

World Literature Class update - week 1

We began with the Greeks - who they are, why they are important, ideals they valued, and where they failed.  We are going to look at the myths the way Greeks of the classical era would have - by examining the stories for meaning and metaphor - and then finding the ever important human element.

Next up was the creation stories, the quest for power, and then the war between the Titans and the Olympians.

1.  Please read over the syllabus handed out in class.  Parents and students are asked to sign it - and it will count as a homework grade.
2.  We filled out a chart with the information for the 14 major Greek gods, their Roman names, jobs and symbols.  There will be a quiz on September 26.
3.  Each student chose 2 gods to research.  Next week, they are to present their findings about one of the gods to the class.  The students can tell a story about that god or just tell more about him/her.  There is nothing written, nothing to turn in - but a visual is required.
4.  The students were given a handout for the OMG project where they will create 15 trading cards on gods, demigods, heroes, or monsters.  This is not due until we are done with the Greeks and Romans (probably end of January).  A good idea would be to do the first card and use it as the visual aid for the god presentation due next week.
5. Make a list of several modern things that have the name "Titan." Why do you think the name is used? (Example: Titan Tire company)

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