Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LEAD - First Form Latin update - weeks 7 and 8

Reminder: There are no LEAD classes next week. Because of that, we combined the next two lessons and the students will have two weeks to prepare for our next class.

Unit II begins with learning the four principal parts for all the verbs we've covered thus far - and recognizing the four irregular verbs we've learned.  We also discussed complementary infinitives (specifically when used as direct objects: I love to travel; I want to wash the dog.)

Then we learned how to conjugate verbs in the perfect tense.  The perfect tense is for one time actions completed in the past: I walked to school yesterday.  I have lived in Europe.  I did scare that cat.

Students were given the quiz for lesson 7 - they can complete that as soon as they are ready. It should be done without assistance and then brought to our next class. The quiz when we return will be over lesson 8 and the  perfect tense
1.  Re-read the text book lessons - pages 22 - 27
2. Practice your vocabulary by recitation - be sure that you know all the words thus far.
3.  Add the third and fourth principal parts of each Latin verb to your notecards.  Be sure to check the spelling! 
4. Create notecards for  the adverbs in lesson 8. You do not need to do derivatives for them.
4.  Do the workbook pages for lesson 7 (pages 41 - 44) and lesson 8 (pages 45-49)
5.  Presentations: Julia - Roman Army due Oct 26; Harriet - Roman architecture due Nov 9; Rachel - Science in Ancient Rome - Nov 16

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