Monday, October 31, 2016

Second and Third Form Latin - week 8 update

In today's class we learned about the eight different types of pronouns - and then learned how decline the first person personal pronoun.  We also discussed how pronouns refer to or take the place of the antecedent and the need to be careful when using pronouns in writing so that the meaning is clear.

In third form, the next few lessons focus on old vocabulary.  The key is to have mastery over these words so that time is not used looking for the meanings.  Our grammar lesson for today was on the VOCATIVE case.  This case is used when someone is directly addressed - often in conjunction with an imperative: Rufus, clean your room.  The subject of this sentence is the understood you - with Rufus being in the Vocative.

1. Re read the text book pages: 24, 26-27; Third form: 26, 28, and 29
2. Workbook pages 42-45; Third Form: 52-59
3. Notecards + derivatives
4. Review, review, review!
5. Upcoming projects: Nov 7 - Connor - diorama of a Roman house; Nov 7 - Benjamin - Herculaneum and Pompeii; Nov 14 - Maya - student choice (I need a topic by next week!); Nov 28 - Caleb - Livy; Nov 28 - Carson - Pliny.

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