Monday, October 3, 2016

World Lit class update - week 4

In class today, the students learned about the concept of HUBRIS - what it means and where they have seen examples of it in our plays.  They were then asked to think about books they have read and movies they have seen that might have further examples.

Our plays from today were "Eros and Psyche - part 2," - one of the very few Greek myths with a happy ending and "Narcissus and Echo."

1.  Next god presentation due next week.
2.  Continue to work on your omg project
3.  Answer the following two questions about Gilgamesh. Your answers should be in 2-4 well formed paragraphs:
  • Why is Enkidu created as a wild, uncivilized human being? What does he lose when becomes civilized, and what does he gain? Is the change desirable? Explain.
  • What makes Gilgamesh a hero? What qualities does he possess, and what deeds does he accomplish? To what extent are the gods necessary in his life? Do they detract from his heroism? Why or Why not?
4. Answer ONE of the following questions about Gilgamesh. Your answer should be in one well formed paragraph.
  • Does Gilgamesh's journey in search of immortality make him appear cowardly because he fears death, or strong because he attempts to change his fate?
  • How are Gilgamesh and Enkidu alike? How are they different?
  • What is the purpose of the various trials Gilgamesh must pass in order to reach Utanapishtim?
  • What does Gilgamesh learn from Utanapishtim? What makes him finally accept his destiny?
  • How does the knowledge that Gilgamesh acquires from his journey and from Utanapishtim change his life? How does he intend to gain immortality?
  • Gilgamesh made a dangerous journey in order to acquire knowledge. Could a person today have a similar experience? Explain.

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