Monday, October 10, 2016

World Lit/Comp class update - week 5

Today we read "The Inventor's apprentice" and "Daedalus and Icarus" and then discussed the irony of Daedalus being on Crete as well as the hubris he and his son exhibited.

We learned about Heracles: his birth, childhood, rages induced by Hera, and his labors ordered by Eurystheus.  The students need to learn all 12 labors (including the spellings).

The word virtue comes from the Latin word "vir" meaning man.  It exemplifies courage, excellence, valor, and worth.  All are Greek ideals for heroes. 

1. Read about Heracles in the text book (pages 26-31)
2.   Read the "Hero's journey" handout.  Thinking of a favorite book or movie, complete the Hero's journey chart. (Do not use examples that are included in the handouts!)
3.  Continue working on your OMG project (feel free to bring in an example to make sure you are on the right track)
4.  Quiz which will include the 12 labors on either October 24 or 31
5. Summer reading assignment is due October 31 - read HERE for detailed instructions.

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