Monday, November 7, 2016

Eastside - First Form Latin update - week 9

Note: Tuition is due the first Thursday of every month.

Our grammar lesson today focused on the pluperfect tense.  This tense refers to actions in the past that happened before another action in the past.  For example: I had eaten my snack before my friend arrived.  The key marker of pluperfect in English is the helping verb "had."

1. Re-read the text book lessons - pages 28-29
2. Practice your vocabulary by recitation.  Make sure you not only know this week's vocabulary - but all previous weeks!
3. Create notecards for each new vocabulary word + derivatives
4.  Do the workbook pages for Lesson 9 (pages 50-54)
5. Project presentations: Benjamin and Sam - Roman architecture - due November 14; Esther - Roman baths - November 28

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