Monday, November 28, 2016

Eastside - Second and Third Form Latin update - week 11

In today's class we learned about prepositions that take the ablative case.  The students need to be sure to memorize not only the meaning of the preposition but the governing case.

In Third form Latin we learned irregular adjectives - affectionately called "The Naughty Nine" - these are irregular in the genitive and dative singular forms.


  • Re-read the text book pages 30-31; Third Form pages 34-35
  • Workbook pages 50-55; Third Form - 73-77
  • Notecards + derivatives
  • Second Form: Write five English sentences with ablative phrases and then translate them into Latin.  (try to include personal pronouns, newer vocabulary, and have them be complex sentences that might also include genitive and dative forms)
  • upcoming projects: Dec 5: Grace - Marc Anthony; Dec 5 - Caleb - Livy; Dec 12: Grant - Octavian
  • Review, review, review!

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