Monday, November 28, 2016

World Lit/Comp class update - week 11

Today the students presented their "Oedipus the Musical" projects.  They did a great job - very creative in their casting and musical selections!

We learned a lot of the background to The Iliad - about Helen's parents, courtship, and details leading up to the Trojan war. Then we read about the actual beginning of the Iliad - with Achilles refusing to fight due to an argument with Agamemnon. The students need to be sure to review their notes each week.

  • Continue to work on your OMG project.
  • Choose a topic for your Iliad essay - it's due by noon on December 16.
  • Presentation topics due next week (Ajax, Sparta, Homer, and Heinrich Schlieman)
  • Grace and Ronnie - be prepared to chat about your summer reading projects

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