Monday, January 23, 2017

Eastside - First Form Latin update - week 15

Our new topic today was neuter nouns of the second declension.  The endings are almost identical to those of masculine 2nd declension nouns.  The students also practiced declining their vocabulary plus other words for practice.  We made a game of guessing the non vocab words to see if they could figure it out based on derivatives.


  • Read the text book - pages 44-45
  • Workbook for lesson 16 - pages 84-87  
  • Page 84 - you may skip questions 9 and 10. For question 7 - just write out the neuter rule. On page 89 - you may skip the column that asks for the gender rule.
  • Make note cards for your new vocabulary words.  
  • Find an additional derivative for the words in the vocabulary list that already list a derivative.
  • Bring a laptop/tablet to class each week for the next few weeks as we practice for the National Latin Exam.
  • Upcoming presentations: Jan 30 - Sam - Aqueducts; Feb 13 - Chloe - Pandora's box; Feb 20 - Esther - The underworld; April 17 - Benjamin - Nero

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