Monday, January 23, 2017

Eastside - Second and Third Form Latin updates - week 15

This week we are learning third conjugation verbs in the present system.  The verbs of the 3rd and 4th conjugation are a little different from what the students are used to with 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs - and they'll need to pay special attention to know which conjugation their verb belongs.

In Third form, we learned demonstrative pronoun hic, haec, hoc.

Re read the chapter lesson for this week.
Workbook pages - second form: 77-82; third form - 118-124
Note cards and derivatives
Upcoming projects: Grace - Feb 6 - Role of Women in ancient Rome; Caleb - Feb 13 - Pax Romana; Benjamin - Feb 20 - Titus and the Roman conquest of Jerusalem.

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