Monday, January 30, 2017

Eastside - Second and Third Form Latin update - week 16

In today's lesson, we learned how to form the present system of fourth conjugation verbs.  This conjugation does not have the irregularities found in third conjugation (yippee!).

In Third Form, we learned yet another demonstrative pronoun - ille, illa, illud.  Latin has an overwhelming amount of demonstrative pronouns - which can probably be linked to the fact that there are no articles in Latin.  It's interesting that articles in other Romance languages are derived from this Latin pronoun!  

1.  Reread the chapter - pages 44-45; Third Form 54-55 (plus the saying notes on pages 62-63)
2.  Workbook pages for lesson 14 - pages 83-88; Third Form pages 125-130
3.  Create notecards for the new vocabulary words plus find another derivative for each (except for nescio).
4. Upcoming projects: Feb 6 - Grace - Role of Women in Ancient Rome; Feb 13 - Benjamin - Titus and the Roman capture of Jerusalem; Mar 6 - Carson - Horace; Mar 13 - Grant - Cattulus; Mar 20 - Connor - Virgil

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