Monday, January 9, 2017

World Lit/comp - week 14 class update

We began class with review of the Iliad and then took a quiz. Then we began our study of "The Odyssey." We read about Telemachus and the suitors in Ithaca - and about Telemachus trying to find out what happened to his father.

Reminder: There is no class next week because of the MLK holiday - we will resume classes on January 23.

In the textbook, read about "The Odyssey" on pages 75-110.
Answer the following essay questions:

  • At the beginning of The Odyssey, Zeus states that mortals blame the gods when they bring their destinies upon themselves.  To what extent does Odysseus’ personality cause his problems? Give examples.  
  • What things does Odysseus learn from Agamemnon and from Achilles and how does he apply to his own life?   
  •  Have Odysseus’ experiences changed his personality by the end of the story? Has he acquired any qualities that he lacked earlier? Explain. 
    Essay questions due via email on January 16th by 10:30am

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