Monday, February 20, 2017

Eastside - First Form Latin update

In Monday's class we moved to a new unit and began learning about 3rd declension nouns.  These nouns will take a lot of practice and studying as they change a lot in spelling from the nominative to the genitive singular.  The students need to be sure they have their 1st and 2nd declension endings down pat so that there is a smooth transition into the remainder of the declensions that we'll study this year.

The students can continue to practice - and get used to the format of the exam by taking quizzes on the NLE website.  There will be a lot of forms and vocabulary that we haven't learned, but the students will see that they know more than they think they do and can still answer the questions correctly without knowing the vocabulary in the questions!  Use this link - and be sure to practice with the Introduction to Latin questions.

1. Read lesson 21 pages 56-57
2. Workbook pages for lesson 21 - pages 110-114
3. Make notecards for your new vocabulary words + find an additional derivative for each word.
4. Spend time studying your vocabulary and grammar!

5. Upcoming projects: March 6 - Esther - Spartacus; April 17 - Benjamin -Nero

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