Monday, February 20, 2017

Second and Third Form Latin update

In Second Form we began Unit IV and are reviewed about the perfect system for 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs.  The students need to review the principal parts for all previous learned verbs.

Third Form - Today we began a new unit - learning the subjunctive mood in the present active and passive.  This is quite different from indicative which indicates a clear action.  Subjunctive is about things that might happen and is characterized by may, let, should, would, and could.  It's quite regular in all conjugations!

The students should spend some time looking at the National Latin exam.  The students can continue to practice - and get used to the format of the exam by taking quizzes on the NLE website.  There will be a lot of forms and vocabulary that we haven't learned, but the students will see that they know more than they think they do and can still answer the questions correctly without knowing the vocabulary in the questions!  Use this link - and be sure to practice with the Latin I questions for Second Form and Latin II for Third Form.

1. SF: Reread pages 52 and 54-55; TF: 64 and 66-69
2. SF - review the principal parts for your 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs using the list on page 55
3. Workbook pages SF: 106-112; TF: 152-165 - you may skip the two reading sections.
4. TF: Notecards and derivatives

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