Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LEAD- First Form Latin update

In today's class we learned our final declension of nouns - 5th declension. There are very few nouns in this declension and most of them are feminine in gender.

Next week is the NLE! The students can continue to practice - and get used to the format of the National Latin exam by taking quizzes on the NLE website.  There will be a lot of forms and vocabulary that we haven't learned, but the students will see that they know more than they think they do and can still answer the questions correctly without knowing the vocabulary in the questions!  Use this link - and be sure to practice with the Introduction to Latin questions. 

1. Read the text book pages 66-67
2. Workbook for lesson 26 - pages 135-139 
3. Notecards and derivatives
4. Upcoming projects: Mar 15 - Julia - Julius Caesar.

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