Monday, March 20, 2017

Second and Third Form Latin - Weekly update

In today's second form class we learned two ways to ask questions in Latin - using question words or using the enclitic "ne" at the end of the first word. 

We also discussed how to turn English statements into questions:

statement: He was praying.
Question: Was he praying?

In Third Form Latin, we continued with our lessons of the subjunctive mood - learning how to form the pluperfect in both the active and the passive.


1. Read pages 62-63; Third Form: 76-77
2. workbook pages for lesson 21 – 127-132; Third Form: 192-201
3. Make a note card for each question word and each question phrase.  You do not need to do any derivatives this week; Third Form - notecards and derivatives
4. Second Form - take home test - do this without assistance when you are prepared and bring it to class next week. The students were also give the quiz from today's lesson. They may take the quiz as an open book/notes and if they get a perfect score, will get 10 bonus points on their lowest quiz grade.

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