Monday, March 27, 2017

Second and Third Form Weekly update

Second Form: Today we moved on to the final unit for this year - learning how to form present passive verbs.  We looked at simple active sentences: The horse kicks the man - and then transferred it to a passive sentence: The man is kicked by the horse.  In a passive sentence the subject is not performing the action.

Third Form: we learned to form the perfect and pluperfect subjunctive of sum.

Spring Break is next week - next class is on April 10th

1. Read the text book - Second Form: pages 66-69; Third Form: 78-81
2. Work book pages: Second Form: 139-145; Third Form: 202-211 (you may want to do the unit review to prep for the test - it is optional)
3. Third Form- lesson 26 quiz (page one only) may be done as a bonus - it is open notes/books but you must score 100% in order to receive 10 bonus points on your lowest quiz/test grade OR it can be used to replace two homework grades.
4. Third Form- take home test - should be done without assistance of any kind - due when we come back to class.  
5. Both classes - note cards and derivatives
6. Upcoming projects: Connor - April 10 - Vergil; Grant - April 10 - Cattulus; Carson - April 24 - Horace 

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