Monday, April 17, 2017

Eastside - First Form Latin update

In today's class we continued with the 2nd conjugation learning the imperfect and future tenses.  The students should find this quite easy as the endings are the same as 1st conjugation.

Congrats to Chloe for her excellent score on the National Latin exam!

1. Read the text book pages 76-77
2. Workbook for lesson 30 - pages 156-160
3. Make note cards for your new vocabulary words (be sure to leave space to add in the principal parts) - add derivatives
4. Project - Benjamin - Nero
5. We will review for the final on May 8th by playing an online game called Kahoot. The students should bring a smart phone, tablet, or a laptop to class so that they are able to participate. The Final exam will be during class on May 15th.

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