Monday, April 24, 2017

Eastside - First Form Latin update

In today's class we spent time reviewing translations from the workbook exercises and then we discussed the regular and irregular principal parts for the 2nd conjugation.
1. Read the text book pages 78-79
2. Workbook pages for lesson 31: pages 161-164
3. Add the principal parts to your notecards for the vocabulary listed in lesson 31 on page 79
4.  Be sure to review: previous vocabulary, declension endings, grammar at the back of the workbook, and verb endings.
5. We will review for the final on May 8th by playing an online game called Kahoot. The students should bring a smart phone, tablet, or a laptop to class so that they are able to participate. If the students are on a smart phone or tablet, they can download the Kahoot app. The Final exam will be during class on May 15th.

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