Monday, April 24, 2017

Second and Third Form Latin update

Second Form: In today's class we learned the present system, passive for the third conjugation verbs.  This conjugation continues to use the same passive endings as the other passive forms - and that 2nd person singular continues to be the one irregularity in the system.

In Third Form we continued learning comparative and superlative adjectives - focusing today on irregular forms.  The key is, if it's irregular in English, it's likely to be irregular in Latin as well. 

Congrats to Grace, Connor, Carson, and Benjamin for their excellent scores on the National Latin exam!
1. Read pages 74-75; TF:
2. Workbook pages for lesson 25 - pages 159-164; TF:
3. Notecards + derivatives

4. May tuition is due next Monday.
5. Final exam is in class on May 15th. We will review in class on May 8th - please bring a device with you to do this (smart phone, tablet, or a computer - you can download the app Kahoot! before class begins).

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