Monday, April 10, 2017

World Lit Class update

Today the students had the exam covering Norse Mythology - and then we moved into our new unit of King Arthur.  Because most of the class was absent today - we will do the lecture about King Arthur next week. Presentation assignments are below.

We read our first play "The Begetting of Arthur."


1.  Complete your heraldry project and bring it to class next week - be prepared to share the components of your shield.
2. Final exam for this class is on May 15 - we will have a review on May 8th - please bring a device to class (smart phone, tablet, or computer) as you will need one for our review game.
3. Presentation due next week: Ronni - Chivalry; Grace - jousting; Benjamin - medieval armor; Presentations due April 24 - Ronni - Holy Grail; Grace - courtly love; Benjamin - knight errant.
4.  The King Arthur essays topics were given today - they are due in class on May 15th.

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