Where do you teach?

My classes meet at Lilburn Alliance Church in Tucker, Georgia (right on Lawrenceville Highway) an at LEAD in Avondale Estates.  Classrooms are provided by the church as a service to the community - please do not call the church with questions!  You can see the website - and all the classes offered through Eastside at http://www.eastsideacademicstudies.com/ and at LEAD: http://www.leadhomeschool.org/

What is the process for enrolling my student into one (or more) of your classes? 

If you are enrolling to begin classes in September, please go to the specific group (Eastside or LEAD) and follow the instructions for registration. Tuition payments should be made on the first day of class, and then on the first class day of each month through May.  If you need a study hall, there is a study hall registration form at the same link.

Do you accept new students throughout the school year?

If you are enrolling after September, please email me at katrinaharrisclasses@gmail.com to see if I am still able to accept students for that particular class.  Then, go to the group website and follow the procedures for transferring into the program.

What can a parent do to make one of your classes an honors course?

Because there is no standard as to what exactly defines an honors course, parents can augment the course by adding additional reading, writing, or field trips.  I am happy to make suggestions - but the initiative should come from the parent.

What method do you use to teach Latin?

I use the format presented in First Form Latin published by Memoria Press - it's called the Grammar First Method.  Grammar is presented in a systematic and logical order.  Vocabulary is limited in order to have mastery of the grammar.  Translation is slowly added into the process.  I have a great article published by Memoria Press about the different methods and why this particular method is preferred.  Please let me know if you would like a copy.

How do you accommodate special needs students?

I am happy to work with families!   Parents often know best how their students react to a learning environment, so a meeting time between teacher and parent can form a partnership that will benefit both parties, especially the student. The adults can agree on the level of involvement of the parent in coursework, and set healthy goals for the student. Students in Mrs. Harris' classes have been previously diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, audio processing issues, sensory integration, ADD, ADHD, and other situations.

Where can I find the required textbooks?

On the home page, click on the tab for your course - there will be hyper links in the text for the required text books.  You can purchase from Amazon or from another source.  Be sure that you are using the same ISBN so that we are all working from the same edition of the text.

How do I make payments?

Payments are due by the first class day of each month.  Payments may be made by check or money order made out to Katrina Harris.  Payments are due September - May (9 payments for the year).  Latin I, II/III, and Cultural Geography are $60/month; World Literature/Comp is $68/month.   Late fees are $5/week.  Returned check fees are $50 (if a check is returned, all future tuition payments must be made with either cash or money orders). 

What are DOE course numbers?

The GA Department of Education assigns course numbers to public school classes. Many accredited homeschool programs also use these numbers. You can find a complete list online. 

Can classes be renamed?

Yes - that is your right as the lead teacher in your child's education, if the course information suits another name better. I can adjust the name of a class on her grade reports for your student. 

Are papers graded and tests given?

Yes to both!  In all classes there are weekly homework assignments.  There are also quizzes, unit tests, projects and presentations.  Please ask your student for my course syllabus that will be distributed on the first day of class.  I use www.engrade.com to keep a record of the students' grades.  You will receive information on how to link up with Engrade on the first day of classes.

What about field trips?
Each class will have different requirements for attending outside events.

Is there a dress code?  A behavior code?

Yes!  All students will go over the policy on the first day of class and will have one for their note books.

You teach in a church - how does that play out in the classroom?

My fellow teachers and I at Eastside are all Christians.  We do come from all sorts of philosophies and churches, but our Christianity connects us together.  However, my classes have more of a secular bent in that I do not begin the classes with prayer or use scripture in my teachings.  Many of my students come from a Christian faith - some come from other faiths, and some with no faith connections at all.  I would like to foster an environment that is respectful to all students - no matter where they are in their faith journeys.