Writing a paper for a class?  Don't forget that you must include a bibliography for any research that you do.  Here is a great site that will help with the correct formatting of your citations - including online websites. 

  •  Really cool app/game for your iphone/ipad called Stack the Countries.  You can learn countries, capitals, languages, flags, country shapes and more.  There is another one for US Geography called Stack the States.
  • Fun list of maps showing the linguistic differences across America (maybe we don't speak the same language after all!)
  • Lots of Scandinavian dessert recipes 
  • Scandinavian breads and dumplings recipes
  • One of the projects from our list requires students to create a salt dough map.  Here is one way and here is a video demonstration for another method. 
  • Video about the border between Canada and the US.  
  • In the news!  In December 2013 a Welsh church revealed their amazing murals they discovered under 500 years of Limestone washes! 
  • Very cool infographic about languages
  • Article with gorgeous photos of places around the world that defy the imagination! 
  • Video of cacao farmers in the Ivory Coast tasting chocolate for the first time.   

  • Great site with pdfs that explain both English and Latin grammatical forms.   
  • Discussion on the Memoria Press website about whether or not First Form Latin counts for high school credit.  (For the record - it does!) 
  • Funny site on Tumblr - "Latin Student Problems"